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“A soundtrack to the most wonderful, magical dream you’ve ever had. – Hard-Wired”

“Excellent and spellbinding. – Gothic Paradise”

“Amazingly delicious, dreamy, and, at the same time, dark. – DarkGrave.com”

Bella Lune is playing our first live show in nearly two years this month in Phoenix, at the Crescent Ballroom! On Thursday, June 25, come see our new lineup, new setlist, new equipment, and new visual element (by video artist NyQ Bonaventura). This is an all ages show and is only $8 at the door. Doors are at 7pm. Also performing is Alter Der Ruine (who collaborated with us on our new album Tranzendance), Body of Light and A0n. More information/RSVP on Facebook. Read more about it on our BLOG.

Our fourth album “Tranzendance” is out now!! You can get a physical copy HERE. The album is available on our BANDCAMP (name your price, no minimum)! Individual tracks are available HERE, on itunes and all other digital retailers. This is also a charity release, so a portion of the proceeds will go to benefit musicandmemory.org.

Booking/Info: info [at] bellalune [dot] net


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6 Responses to Home

  1. Marta says:

    Hi!!! I love you so much. Your music are great!! I want that you came to Spain. There are a lot of fans waiting for a concert here!! Thanks!!!

  2. yasemin says:

    long live synth!

  3. I would love to see you guys play at CRESCENT BALLROOM HERE in Phoenix. Promote…..Promote…Pro….Mote. I believe in your darkgaze ELECTRONICA. FUSCIA….you have an amazing voice and your a MERF WOMAN AT That….I THINK. I am an Artist mainly but I like to write Creatively much of my time anymore. I got into you guys and gal late…..*depressed*…..| ♡ ¥○U @ Lea$T A |¡tt|€ @s I doe not Kno₩ ¥○U.

  4. Beverly Braham-Durica says:

    Just moving back from N. Cal – would love to see a calendar on PhxGoth.com that is similar to what they had on sfgothic.net – really nice to have a one stop for concerts, club nights and other events.

    Keep up the good work :)

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